Arbitration, Mediation & Negotiation

Know your rights & responsibilities

The use of early dispute resolution is helpful for those experiencing separation or divorce and who want to resolve their children or property matters without the emotional and financial stress of initiating Court proceedings.

Our office can assist you in your negotiations in respect of children and property issues and advise you on your rights and responsibilities under the relevant family law legislation.

If negotiations are successful, our office can reflect the agreement into consent orders that can then be filed in the Court.

Arbitration is a dispute resolution service whereby each party presents their arguments and evidence to an arbitrator. After hearing all the evidence of the parties, the arbitrator will make a determination to resolve the dispute.

The procedure is not as formal as Court proceedings.

Mediation is a family law dispute resolution service which aims to resolve issues arising from separation and divorce in respect of children and property matters. Unlike arbitration, it does not result in adjudication.

In order to fully participate in mediation and make informed decisions, you will need to understand all your rights and obligations.

Mediation depends on a reasonably high level of willingness by both parties to resolve their dispute.

If at the end of mediation an agreement has been reached between the parties, our office can assist you in making an application to the Court for a consent order reflecting the terms of the agreement. Only then will the agreement made at mediation be legally binding.

If you are looking to speak to a family lawyer in Perth about arbitration, mediation, and negotiation, please contact our office to speak to one of our experienced solicitors.