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Consent Orders vs Parenting Plans – Know Your Rights

Consent Orders vs Parenting Plans – Know Your Rights

After the separation, there are two possible ways to make parenting arrangements. Not sure whether to opt for parenting plans or consent orders? You need to understand your rights, responsibilities and obligations before you make a decision. You can also seek help from professional family lawyers Perth-wide. Here is what you need to consider!

Consent Orders

Consent Orders are the most common way to resolve parenting matters and reach a viable agreement with your partner. They regulate a wide range of issues such as where will children live, how much time they will spend with the other parent or what will the arrangements for special days be. Even if you manage to reach an amicable agreement with your former spouse, you need to keep in mind that it isn’t legally binding like a Consent Order. This means that the court needs to approve your agreement in a Consent Order and can then enforce the terms if one of the parties fails to follow the agreement. To ensure the best possible outcome for you and your children, it is best to seek help from experienced professional divorce lawyers. Perth law firms can help you decide whether a consent order is the best solution for your situation. They can also help you obtain the consent orders and assign a lawyer to represent you at the family court whenever it is necessary.  

Parenting Plans

While parenting plans are more flexible and are not legally binding, they cover all the key aspects of childcare arrangements that are covered by the Consent Orders. Consider the parenting plans as equally important and make sure they are meticulously written. Remember that the document can be used as a crucial piece of evidence at the court if one of the parties decides to start proceedings due to disagreements about finances or other matters related to the care of the children. A respectable family law firm based in Perth can assist you in drafting this document and providing mediation to help you reach agreements. However, this solution is advisable only to couples who have maintained good cooperation and communication after the separation. Since parenting plans are flexible, the terms can be modified in the future if circumstances change.

Which Option is the Best For You?

If you are not sure whether to choose a consent order or parenting plan, it is best to consult an expert from a respectable family law firm. Separation can be difficult to manage, especially when children are involved. The decision on how to formalise your parental agreement largely depends on your relationship with your former partner. If you can communicate with each other and agree on how to share parenting responsibilities, then you might want to try and resolve the issues with parenting plans. If you need help in the form of mediation, you can seek help from experts in family mediation. Perth lawyers can help you make functional arrangements, draft documents, inform you about your rights and obligations or represent you at court.