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Surviving Separation on Speaking Terms

Surviving Separation on Speaking Terms

When going through a separation, even the smallest decisions and the most insignificant actions can have major consequences on your future life. It is essential to establish some ground rules regarding your day-to-day communication with your partner and seek professional advice from renowned family lawyers. Perth experts can tell you exactly which steps you need to take to ensure the best possible outcome. However, there are also issues that you can prevent or resolve yourself. From signing up for counselling to finding a mediator, here is what you can do to survive the crisis with minimum stress.

Set Boundaries in Communication

A respected family law firm can help you overcome many of the issues that come with separation. However, you need to employ your communication skills to prevent problems that may stem even from the seemingly harmless conversations with your partner and children. During the separation period, it is best if you avoid the conflict altogether. Set boundaries and make sure not to cross them. While it is easy to get caught up in emotions, try to stay calm and stop yourself from reacting when you feel that the anger is building up inside you. Think about the possible consequences of your actions!

Resist the Urge to Send Angry Responses

Communicating with your partner while going through separation can be challenging, especially if you tend to argue about the children, property and other issues. Sending angry emails or text messages might be a huge temptation. Since all written communications leave traces that can be used as evidence in the future, you should be careful about all the correspondence during this period. Minimise textual conversation and stop yourself from pressing the ‘send’ button whenever you are upset or angry.

Consider Counselling

There are a few more things you can do before you start working with divorce lawyers. Perth has many family counselling services whose role is to help families overcome the most difficult situations.

Seek Legal Advice

If you engage professional legal advice at the beginning, chances are your separation will be as painless as possible. You’ll prevent yourself from making mistakes you’ll regret in the future. Legal experts can represent you at the court, but they can also advise you on which legal steps you can take and in which order. After taking to a professional, you’ll be able to make informed choices and feel more confident when you need to engage in unpleasant conversations with your partner.

Work with Family Mediation Experts

When you hit the roadblock in communication and you establish that you are unable to effectively communicate with your partner about the most important issues, it is time to consider family mediation. Perth law firms boast excellent family arbitration experts who can assist you in negotiations about children or property issues. They will help you understand your rights and convey the right message to your partner without starting a conflict. Mediation is extremely useful because it can help you resolve disputes early on without going to court.