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Help! I Need a Criminal Lawyer

Help! I Need a Criminal Lawyer

You are charged with a criminal offence and you don’t know what to do? Let us break down the steps you need to take and explain how an experienced criminal defence lawyer can help you!

Know What Happens When You Are Charged

Whether you are guilty or not, being charged for a criminal offence can be a nerve-wracking situation. However, it helps when you know what to expect and which steps you need to take. There are three ways you might be notified about the charges:

  • Notice to appear in court
  • Complaint and summons
  • Arrest

Method of notification depends on the type of the offence. If it is one of the minor offences such as traffic infringement, you’ll probably get a notice to appear. On the other hand, indictable offences are likely to result in an arrest.

Choose Your Criminal Defence Lawyer Perth

Finding an experienced lawyer who can represent you at the court is the most important step you need to take. Firstly, look for professionals who specialise in criminal law because they have the knowledge to prepare a solid defence. Secondly, search for lawyers with extensive experience because they are more likely to successfully defend your case. However, there are professionals with years of experience in different fields of law won’t help you a lot, which is why you need to narrow down your options. If you have been charged with a serious offence such as robbery or sexual assault, then ideally, you’ll hire a Perth criminal lawyer who excels at handling similar cases.

Prepare for Your Court Appearance

To prepare for your court appearance, it is essential to work with an expert criminal lawyer. Perth-based professionals will be able to tell you exactly which paperwork to bring and how to behave in court, but they will also explain the nitty-gritty of the proceedings and give you the best possible legal advice. You need to know:

  • Charges pressed against you and their consequences
  • Your rights according to the law
  • The best approach to defend yourself against the charges.

A good lawyer will give you detailed information and professional advice while identifying challenges or advantages you have not even considered. While their job is to represent you at court, you need to be informed, well-behaved and attend to your duties.

Show Up to Court on Time

Appearing in court on time is of vital importance when you are pressed with criminal charges. Failing to show up on the requested date and time can result in additional charges. In some cases, the court may even issue a warrant for your arrest.

Know What Happens with Different Pleas

You need to fully understand the implications and be able to bear the consequences of your plea. While the process is simple and straightforward if you plead not guilty, the matter is set to be resolved in a trial if you opt for a not guilty plea. The role of your lawyer is critical because they will be able to give you professional advice on how to plea, regardless of whether you are guilty or not.