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We know separations are tough, and we want to help. Balmoral Legal is there to advise, support and represent you. We have expert separation lawyers who specialise in helping heterosexual and same-sex couples in Perth in all legal matters related to breakups of de-facto relationships. Rely on us to find the right legal solution for you. We tailor our advice and services to you because we care about your outcomes. We will take time to analyse your issue, explain possible approaches and help you choose a solution that fits.


Family De-facto Lawyers will Assist You to Resolve Your De-Facto Relationship Problem

If you are over the age of 18 and live together with your partner in a ‘marriage-like’ way, then your relationship may be recognised as a de-facto relationship.

The family law process in Western Australia now enables most couples in same-sex relationships to access an equivalent range of solutions in the Family Court in respect to financial matters to those presently available to married and de facto couples.

When a de facto relationship breaks down, how to divide accumulated assets is a common issue. In Western Australia, the law for de facto asset division is similar to that of married couples, except in respect of superannuation.

Parties can formalise the division of their assets through consent agreement, Court Order or by a binding financial agreement.

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What our De-Facto Relationship Lawyers Can Do for You

Before proceeding with a property settlement, you must demonstrate that:

  • You have been living as a defacto couple for at least two years; or
  • There is a child of the relationship who is under 18 years, and a serious injustice would be faced by the person caring for the child, if an amiable property settlement was not achieved; or
  • The order applicant has made considerable financial and/or non-financial contributions during the relationship and would suffer a serious injustice due to the failure of reaching a property settlement; and
  • On the day the application is made, either one or both of the parties to the application must be residing in Western Australia; or
  • Both parties made substantial contributions to property in Western Australia or resided in the state for one-third of their relationship.

You have up to 2 years from the date of separation to lodge your application for property settlement. It is important that you obtain comprehensive legal advice in respect of your entitlements and responsibilities when your relationship breaks down. If you are looking to speak to a family lawyer in Perth about your de facto relationship, please contact our office to talk to an experienced solicitor.


Leading Separation Lawyers Perth

Whether you are considering separation or you have already separated, our Perth-based lawyers can inform you about your rights and provide professional assistance throughout the process. We will take the time to assess your situation and give you expert advice, provide comprehensive guidance, help you with the binding agreements and represent you at the family court in Perth if necessary. Our expertise in family law and a personalised approach ensure that you get the best possible support when you need it.

Balmoral Legal specialises in all legal matters related to the separation of heterosexual and same-sex couples that are married or in a de facto relationship. Our mediation services can help you reach an amicable agreement with your partner about parental issues or matters related to finances, property and asset division. You can rely on our separation lawyers to give you the most relevant information about your entitlements according to Australia’s family law.

We know that going through a separation is stressful and that resolving financial or parental issues can be challenging, especially if you are not on speaking terms with your partner. This is why we offer holistic solutions and approach every couple individually to address their unique problems. We can help you find a solution before you turn to the court. You can benefit from our arbitration services and let us try to help you reach an agreement. We can help you by putting together financial or parental agreements and assisting you in negotiations with your partner. Our separation lawyers will go the extra mile to help you make arrangements that will resolve existing problems and prevent potential conflicts. Even if you fail to agree, we can represent you at court and make sure to safeguard your rights. Without using technical terms and jargon, we will take the time to explain the legal matters in a clear manner and ensure that you are fully informed along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When your defacto relationship ends, you may have entitlements to your partner’s assets or property. Your defacto separation lawyer can help you make a claim under the Australian Family Law Act.

If you and your partner have ended your relationship and you can’t make an agreement, you can claim your defacto separation rights. WA family lawyers can help you claim your rights.

After ending a defacto relationship, you may be entitled to some of your partner’s assets or property you acquired together. Hiring a Perth defacto lawyer ensures that you get the best possible outcome and that your rights are respected following the breakup.

When dividing superannuation, both financial and non-financial contributions are taken into consideration. You should carefully consider superannuation when making an agreement with your partner, so hire a defacto separation lawyer to get the professional advice and guidance you need.

Sorting out finances after a separation is a delicate matter, but Perth defacto lawyer can give you the best advice on which steps you need to take. If you and your partner can reach an agreement on how to divide assets, then a binding financial agreement is the most reasonable solution. However, if you fail to agree with your partner, you may need to apply to a court and seek a consent order.