Child Support

After the breakdown of a relationship, issues may arise in respect of the payment of child support. In most cases, a person can make an application for an assessment directly to the Child Support Agency.

The Child Support Agency determines the amount of child support payable by way of a formula. The formula used by the Child Support Agency takes into account factors including:

  • the income of each of the parents of the child;
  • the percentage care that each parent has of the child; and
  • the estimated costs of the child.

An application may also be made to the Child Support Agency to seek to vary the child support assessment. Disputes as to an administrative assessment of child support will usually be determined by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

In some circumstances, the Family Court of Western Australia may also hear child support matters.

Many parents also choose to reach an agreement in respect of child support. An agreement may provide more flexibility with the amount payable by way of child support and the frequency of the payment. There are two types of Child Support Agreements – a Limited Child Support Agreement and a Binding Child Support Agreement.

At Balmoral Legal, our experienced solicitors can provide you with assistance with every aspect of the child support process, whether through an assessment by the Child Support Agency or the drafting and preparation of a Limited or Binding Child Support Agreement. Please contact our office on (08) 9355 0776 to discuss your matter with one of our solicitors.