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We take the stress out of difficult situations in life! When your marriage breaks down and you decide to separate, you will be faced with major life-changing decisions relating to your children, finances and property. You will also need to decide whether you should apply for a divorce.

Our Perth Family Lawyers understand that you will be making these decisions at a highly emotional, confusing time in your life. It is important to seek calm, objective, expert legal advice to resolve your matter in a quick and cost-effective way. You can rely on our expertise in family law, and rest assured your matter will be resolved in the best possible way.


The Divorce Process and What It Means For You

Balmoral Legal has a team of family lawyers in Perth who can guide you through the divorce process. A divorce is an administrative act, where 12 months after separation a person can apply for a divorce. This is the legal recognition by the Court that your marriage has ended. A divorce does not resolve your financial relationship with your former spouse.

Whilst the procedure for filing for divorce may be relatively simple, you need to be aware of many issues before and after you apply, including:

  • Have you and your spouse been separated under one roof?
  • Do you need to be divorced?
  • If you do need a divorce, should you apply before or after a property settlement?
  • Is a sole or joint application appropriate?
  • Have you been married for less than two years? If so, special considerations will apply.
  • Have appropriate arrangements been put in place for your children?
  • Have you commenced property (and if applicable, spousal maintenance) proceedings in the Family Court?

It is important to note that the making of a Divorce Order will automatically revoke your Will unless a contrary intention appears in your Will or there is other evidence establishing such an intention.

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What Our Divorce Lawyers Perth WA Can Do For You

We can help you every step of the way! The first step is a free 15 minute telephone consultation. Get in touch to tell us about your situation, and we will analyse it to give you expert advice on how you should proceed. We will inform you about the different routes you can take, and we will do this in a clear manner so that you can understand what your options are. If you decide to go through with the divorce, we will represent you to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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