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Are you having difficulties dividing your property and assets? Balmoral Legal can help you achieve the best possible settlement. We understand your rights and obligations, and we will give you expert guidance. Our experienced lawyers will provide you with practical and realistic advice regarding your property settlement before you decide to go to Court. Sometimes it is possible to reach an agreement and make it legally binding by a consent order. If you wish to apply for a property settlement, we will represent you and make sure you achieve the most desirable outcome.


Your Trusty Property Settlement Lawyers Perth

When you must divide your property or assets after a breakdown of a marriage or relationship, it is important to find a lawyer who specialises in property settlement issues. Our Perth-based lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with these matters, which means you can trust them to find an optimal solution for you, help with binding documents and represent you at court. Their expertise extends to all family law issues, and they can provide full support while you are going through separation or divorce.

Our property settlement experts are excellent at communicating about legal matters in a clear and concise way so that you can fully understand the process and learn about your rights and obligations along the way. We provide help when you need it most and we offer comprehensive solutions including mediation and arbitration services so that you can reach an agreement before you turn to the family court.

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We Protect Your Rights

Before attempting to negotiate property matters with your partner or spouse, it is important to obtain legal advice. When a relationship breaks down, assets and property division is vitally important to both parties financial future. The obligation of the Family Court is to divide assets, property and the financial resources of parties to the defacto relationship or marriage (including same-sex relationships) in a fair and equitable way.

The settlement of property can become extremely complex, while some cases are relatively straightforward. Balmoral Legal can offer realistic and practical advice on your rights and assist you to reach an amicable settlement as quickly as possible.


What our Property Settlement Agents Perth Can Do for You.

Here at Balmoral Legal, we strive to help you out whenever you need an honest opinion and realistic advice on property settlement issues. Our dedicated lawyers will take the time to analyse your situation and outline the best pathways to the resolution of your problems. Our goal is to help you reach the most desirable outcome, prevent future property-related problems, and find the most cost-effective way for you and your partner to make practical arrangements regarding the division of your property and assets. From providing professional advice to representing you at court, we are there every step of the way to defend your rights and protect your interests. We will take the stress out of negotiations with your partner and advise you on which steps to take. If you fail to reach an amicable agreement with your partner, we will find the best possible alternative solution.

Options to attain division of property include arbitration, negotiated settlements, mediation or court proceedings in cases where no agreement can be achieved. Our team can advise on which entitlements are likely to be deemed equitable in the event that a judicial determination is ordered. We focus on obtaining positive, efficient and cost-effective results.

If there is no Binding Financial Agreement in place when your relationship breaks down, the Family court will apply the laws contained in either the Western Australian Family Court Act 1997 or the Commonwealth Family Law Act 1975 to assess spousal maintenance and divide property.

Aside from superannuation, both married and de facto spouses are covered by the same laws.