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7 Things to Consider When Deciding for the Children

7 Things to Consider When Deciding for the Children

We all know that divorce and separation are more painful and challenging when children are involved. You need to make many sober decisions that are protecting your interests as well as your children’s, while it is so easy to get caught up in emotions. Let us help you minimise the stress and find the optimal solution by breaking down the major problem into seven smaller issues you need to tackle. Here is what you should consider when making plans for the future!

1 – Divorce & Separation?

Since Australian laws don’t allow abrupt divorces, you need to be separated for at least 12 months to apply for one. During this period, you can try to patch things up and continue your relationship, but in the event of a failed reconciliation of three months or longer, you need 12 more months of separation to be able to get a divorce. Remember that parenting and property arrangements are to be sorted out separately because these issues are not settled through the divorce. And while you don’t necessarily need legal assistance for this process, it is better to consult divorce lawyers. Perth boasts experts in family law who will be able to help you every step of the way. 

2 – Think About Your Children’s Needs

Separation and divorce is even more stressful for your children, and you need to think about their needs. Sometimes it is better to focus on their wellbeing rather than your own interests, especially when you are discussing parental agreements or when dealing with property and other assets. Try to mitigate the consequences of your separation or divorce that might have profound effects on your children and talk to them to help them accept and deal with the situation.

3 – Know Your Rights and Obligations

Going through separation or divorce is much more challenging when you don’t have adequate support. It is best to seek help from a reputable family law firm and consult experienced lawyers who will be able to inform you about your rights and obligations. This will give you confidence in negotiations with your partner and help you make informed choices when it comes to agreements on children and property.

4 – Family Mediation Perth is an Option

While going through separation or divorce, effective communication with your partner might become difficult or even impossible. However, the two of you need to reach agreements on how to divide your property and parental obligations. If you can’t do this by yourselves, consider hiring a mediator who will communicate with both parties until solid arrangements are made. This will help you avoid or overcome conflicts which is also in the best interest of your children.

5 – Choosing a Parental Agreement or Consent Order

There are two ways to settle parenting issues and divide your duties. If you are on good speaking terms, you might be able to reach an amicable agreement without going to court. If this isn’t an option, you can opt for a Consent Order which is a legally binding document. Either way, you need assistance from a professional family lawyer who will ensure that your rights are respected, and that the agreement meets your children’s needs.

6 – Sort Out Property and Finances

You also need to divide your property, assets, superannuation, and debts if you have any. One of you might need to provide ongoing financial support to the other. Whether you opt for a financial agreement or legally binding Consent Order, it is best to hire a lawyer who will represent you if and when needed, while making sure that your rights and your children are protected throughout the process.

7 – Seek Help from Family Lawyers Perth

Family lawyers based in Perth will give you the best possible assistance as they are familiar with both national laws and local regulations. They can help you with all matters that reach the Family Court of Western Australia or provide consultations and mediation services when you need them.