Family Lawyers Perth

Family Lawyers Perth

Providing Perth family lawyers and Perth divorce lawyers that continually receive positive testimonials from our clients.

We have a committed ethos to provide “big firm experience, with small firm attention”.  This has made Balmoral Legal a well established Perth family law firm.

Family Lawyers Perth – Small by Choice

Secondly, we have made a conscious choice to remain small. This does not mean we are unable to tackle big issues or cases. In fact Balmoral Legal has an established reputation as a Perth family law firm.  As a result, we are capable of sorting out the more complex cases. Legal Practice Director David Quartermaine-Thompson, established the business in 2011 to provide personal service in the specialist fields of Perth family law, having previously been an equity partner in Marks & Sands Lawyers since 2009.

Therefore, if you require a Perth family lawyer, Perth divorce lawyer Perth or Solicitor that is attentive to your personal situation and needs, click here to meet our family lawyers Perth team. As we understand that each client and their circumstances are different. We are aware there is no such thing as a single solution for every case. Each case turns on its own facts and circumstances.

Family Lawyers Perth – Free initial 15 minute legal advice over the phone consultation.

If you are not sure about your family law rights or if you need to consult a Perth family lawyer, please contact a member of our team. As we offer a free initial 15 minute legal advice over the phone consultation we are happy to take your call.

In a time of crisis, you need someone who you can turn to and trust. You need to be sure that your lawyer will fight for your rights. At Balmoral Legal we aim to provide you with the service and understanding you need when facing difficult relationship matters. Our experienced team of Perth family lawyers are available to provide you with the legal advice, guidance and empathy you need. This makes us one of the leading family law firms in Perth.

Family Lawyers Perth – We get Results !

Our goal is to help you resolve your matters as quickly as possible and in many cases, we manage to settle without the need for legal proceedings in Family Court.

Following an agreement reached with your ex-partner you can apply to the Family Court for consent orders. This is important because it saves you a lot of money in legal costs. If the agreement reached provides for the transfer the property, your stamp duty would be limited to the nominal fee. This is as a result of formalising the agreement by way of Orders or a financial agreement. Consent orders can include property and children’s issues and made by the Court.

Family Law Action Perth | Divorce Law Action Perth

If you are involved in a family law action such as a child custody issues, divorce, property or separation, important choices with far-reaching implications need to put in place. In order to make informed decisions, you need solid information and the guidance of an experienced Perth family lawyer. Call us on 08 9355 0776. We will listen and we can help.

Our approach is highly personalised and very professional. Therefore we understand the value of dependability, trust, and going the extra mile when others are depending on you. We’re prepared to go that extra mile. Balmoral Legal Perth family lawyer’s ethos is clear: “big firm experience, with small firm attention – We care and we are here to help.

Balmoral Legal accepts instructions in all areas of Perth family law including; childrenconsent orders, defacto relationships, divorcemediation, parenting issuesproperty/asset division, restraining orderssame sex relationships and spousal maintenance.

To avoid parking issues, we are conveniently located in Burswood, just 7 minutes from the Perth CBD.